Mpofu Nature Reserve

Covering +/-15 000ha, the reserve is situated 25km northwest of Fort Beaufort, on the escarpment and
lower valleys of the Amathole catchment, with magnificent views of the Katberg and Amathole Mountains.
Comprising Mpofu, Fort Fordyce and Bosnek, the reserve is of great cultural and historical significance,
with incredible San rock-art and sites of the 8th Frontier War. The remnants of two forts built during the
Frontier Wars can be seen on the high ground of Horseshoe Valley. Both became known as Fort Fordyce,

Commando Drift Nature Reserve

Roughly 60km from Cradock, in the heart of Eastern Cape hinterland, lies the Commando Drift Nature
Reserve with its central geographical feature, the impressive Commando Drift Dam. Fed by four rivers, the
dam ensures an abundance of wildlife, including the endangered mountain zebra. Among the most striking
features of the reserve is a series of spectacular dolerite and sandstone cliffs, as well as numerous popular
hiking and off-road trails, including the Bushman and Endurance hiking trails and Palingkloof jeep track.

Tsolwana Nature Reserve

Situated approximately 60km west of Queenstown and 30km south-east of Tarkastad, Tsolwana Nature Reserve is nestled on the edge of the Winterberg range. A mountainous area, with grass plains and acacia thornveld, Tsolwana is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora. Tsolwana Nature Reserve, 8 500ha in size, marks the start of the Karoo plains. The name “Tsolwana” is derived from the Xhosa word “Spike” as it is characterised by a prominent hill within the reserve.

Vulture viewing
Walking Trails
Rock Art,
Self-drive game viewing

Thomas Baines Nature Reserve

Thomas Baines Nature Reserve is situated approximately 12km from Grahamstown off the N2 highway to Port Elizabeth. Thomas Baines Nature Reserve has been somewhat of an institution amongst Grahamstown residents since the 1960’s albeit that, at the time, it consisted of a mere 257ha of municipal land. In 1980 it was increased to 1024ha. Thomas Baines is named after the well known artist, naturalist and explorer who spent much of his time in the area. The Thomas Baines Goldfields Environmental Education centre caters for up to 60 learners at a time.

Bird watching,

Silaka Nature Reserve

Silaka lies in a forested valley only 7km south of Port St Johns. A small but beautiful coastal reserve, Silaka stretches from Second Beach to Sugarloaf Rock, covering 400ha. The Gxwaleni River flows through the reserve and forms an estuary, which enters the sea at the beautiful main beach. This exquisite reserve comprises grassland, a dramatic piece of coastline and a magnificent indigenous coastal forest with huge trees, offering a pristine coastal setting and exceptional bird-watching.

Fishing (permit required)
Bird watching
Self-drive wildlife watching (4x4 access only)