The Great Fish River Nature Reserve


A wonderful wildlife experience

The Great Fish River Nature Reserve has large and spacious accommodation well placed to explore and experience the reserve. It is well suited for large groups, such as family gatherings, conferences and other situations where ample accommodation, situated in a pristine natural setting, is needed.

The Great Fish River Nature Reserve comprises the Andries Vosloo Kudu Reserve, the Double Drift Nature Reserve and the Sam Knott Nature Reserve. These reserves are linked by a circular route and total about 45,000ha.

The area in which the reserves are located was in the past an area of conflict and war, with the Great Fish River often forming the boundary between the Settler and Xhosa territories. As a result, the area has a rich historical background, and a number of forts, signalling towers, fortified farmsteads, barracks and even graves are located within the reserve.

Its open luscious valley bushveld and rugged terrain provide diverse habitats and panoramic views, and boast an abundance of game including Black Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Hippo and Kudu.

The area of Great Fish River is semi-arid. The variations in height throughout the reserve provide for moderately wide-ranging climatic conditions. Both rainfall and temperature vary markedly throughout the reserve with hot, semi-arid lowland areas and cool, wetter conditions at the higher areas. Rainfall is highly variable from year to year and usually peaks in October (spring) and March (autumn) with relatively dry winters.

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Great Fish River
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